Multiple complications of work life and balancing work and personal life, also I suffered from low professional self-esteem, shortage of energy and power to undertake clear steps and move further in professional life. I even felt that I can’t make a simple decision and clear choices in smallest of daily challenges.

In working with her, I discovered that I have a lot of achievements and sound values to be proud of, most of all Ave guided me to work myself through towards making choices that would help me reach results that enforce self-confidence. Ave made me realise what are my true values and priorities.
Throughout coaching sessions she made me think of what are the sabotage­factors blocking my striving energies and how to deal with them, also find the energy sources and positive strengths and emotions that power targeted action and achievement.

After working with her I have achieved self-confidence and a plan how to move on in work, what choices to make and how can I work my way through achieving them. I am truly following the principles and tips how to deal with daily motivational challenges and am better equipped with positive thinking.

What was the biggest thing you got out of working with me?

Ave taught me to think and check myself regularly with a Question: Why am I doing this? Is this what I want to do? Does this support my self-confidence? Also structure and means how to set achievable targets and action plan to achieve both short term and long term goals. I liked most that Ave’s method is not telling you what to do, but guiding and leading with helpful questions to resolve your own way and choices. It was tough at times to come up with all the alternatives, but it strengthened commitment to implementing what I’ve learnt in my daily practice.