Why Organisational Culture coaching?

• People, Culture, and Technology are key competitive advantages in the 21 st century
• “Change Management” is evolving into “Transformation Management”
• Transformation is not just tech transformation – it’s mostly culture transformation
• Culture Coaching is one of the missing links in transformation management

Where to begin?

Let’s see what is your organisational culture like now – what employee needs is your company meeting. Once we know that, we can create a plan that will help achieve the culture that you are looking to create.

What do you need?

Employee satisfaction and engagement survey results. If you do not have them, you can choose to execute Culture Actualization Index© – first of a kind science based culture survey. Contact here for more information.

What can we help with?

In addition to helping you with measuring the culture with the Culture Actualisation Index©, you will be working with Maslow Certified Executive Culture Coach. Together with your leadership team, we will set the targets and desired behaviours that define the culture of your organisation. We will create a Culture Action Plan© that will help you stay focused.

Who is Maslow Leadership ? https://maslowleadership.com/

Maslow is a thought leadership center providing research and data-driven culture and leadership transformation programs. We developed the Culture-Actualization Index ©, a new evidence-based, leading KPI for measuring
Culture & Employee Experience in the post-covid era.