I remember well, when I looked at Ave’s website for the first time – I was fascinated by the kind and warm eyes and friendly and helpful smile. I recognized there and then that I want to trust her and ask her to be my companion on my new journey. Ave takes her full attention to her work and her coaching aligns with my values very well: she is very professional, inspirational, supportive and motivating. Excellent listener who summarizes my thoughts so that the clarity that comes from it is freeing and earth-shattering in a good way. From the beginning, I felt called by Ave’s slogan – ‘Connect your confidence!’. I knew that I have confidence in myself, but after finishing a long term job with lots of responsibility, I was a bit confused. Some ways everything was so unusual and uncomfortable, but I also knew that absolutely everything is possible and new horizons are waiting. I have been able to trust Ave with the worries and doubts of creating my own company and she has encouraged me to celebrate the successes and progress. Thanks to working with Ave, I have understood why I procrastinate and tend to listen to my inner critic. Even though my work results didn’t suffer, I made achieving them more difficult for myself. Ave has taught me to feel the importance of balance, know my values and my worth. I also sense confidence in myself now – not just in my thoughts, actions and words, but with my whole body and being. I think Ave’s coaching can well be summarized by connecting your confidence: she sets you in focus and thanks to that you are able to connect your own confidence.

AvePeetri Coaching
Kristiina Maripuu

Multiple complications of work life and balancing work and personal life, also I suffered from low professional self-esteem, shortage of energy and power to undertake clear steps and move further in professional life. I even felt that I can’t make a simple decision and clear choices in smallest of daily challenges.

In working with her, I discovered that I have a lot of achievements and sound values to be proud of, most of all Ave guided me to work myself through towards making choices that would help me reach results that enforce self-confidence. Ave made me realise what are my true values and priorities.
Throughout coaching sessions she made me think of what are the sabotage­factors blocking my striving energies and how to deal with them, also find the energy sources and positive strengths and emotions that power targeted action and achievement.

After working with her I have achieved self-confidence and a plan how to move on in work, what choices to make and how can I work my way through achieving them. I am truly following the principles and tips how to deal with daily motivational challenges and am better equipped with positive thinking.

What was the biggest thing you got out of working with me?

Ave taught me to think and check myself regularly with a Question: Why am I doing this? Is this what I want to do? Does this support my self-confidence? Also structure and means how to set achievable targets and action plan to achieve both short term and long term goals. I liked most that Ave’s method is not telling you what to do, but guiding and leading with helpful questions to resolve your own way and choices. It was tough at times to come up with all the alternatives, but it strengthened commitment to implementing what I’ve learnt in my daily practice.

Riina Aamisepp

Ave has a wonderful quiet confidence that supports you but challenges you at the same time. She is very keen to help one see the potential for growth, forward momentum, confidence and ideas springing from my team. Because of her personality she makes a very good coach. We had a few group sessions and she manages the different personalities with professionalism and encouragement. She directed the sessions without being dominating and brought out good discussion.

Before working with Ave I struggled with allowing myself to step back and let others/employees do their job completely. Because it is my company I felt the need to be helping with everything, not because of control but because I felt it was my responsibility. I also struggled with allowing myself to do what I do best at and having the support around me instead of trying to support what others were good at and me filling in.
In working with her I discovered that it was OK not to have to be responsible for everything and let the people who I have on my team take responsibility and initiative. I have hired very capable people and I need to ensure they have the autonomy they need to be the best they can be at what they do. They also want to have that option in their work live and they certainly don’t need my help to be better but need my support and willingness to encourage them in what they do. Ave helped guide me to make decisions about some of the things I could not necessarily see or articulate because I was too close to them.

I think that with Ave’s help it has provided room for each of us in the company to take ownership and talk openly about our objectives. Together we developed our vision and mission statements, worked as a team to bond, and know that we are all in it together.

Anne Evamy

Before working with Ave I struggled with finding opportunities and presenting myself. In working with her I discovered how important a good business-­marketing plan is and to identify my ideal clients and their needs.

The biggest thing that I got out of working with Ave was getting over my fears of approaching people, talking about myself and my business, and networking.

I now have many resources to help me develop and grow my business. I am more confident in what I do, and I make better choices for marketing and advertising.

Guylaine Gagnonhttp://www.zentboutique.com/Default.asp

I knew I wanted to overcome my obstacles and weaknesses to see my plans through. Before working with Ave I knew what my weaknesses were, but struggled to overcome them. Ave was able to help me understand why I had obstacles, how to overcome them and create a real plan that set me up for success. Through her discovery questions and conversations I was able to have a deeper understanding of my accomplishments, goals I wanted to achieve and most importantly setting priorities. Through this process she was able to keep me on course with my marketing strategy and focused on the right market.

I am a “dreamer entrepreneur” with awesome ideas and struggled to stay focused long enough to see my ideas flourish; however working with Ave helped me dissect my ideas into small achievable goals. It’s amazing to see how small achievable goals gets you to your dream faster! Thank you Ave.

Jayshri Patel-Amin

Ave’s dedication to client’s success is highly commendable. She listens to her clients’ challenges very carefully and provides a perfect marketing consultation accordingly. Ave’s coaching style, experience and knowledge is best fit for any entrepreneur who is aspiring for the growth of their organization.

Avneesh Kumar-Gupta

Before working with Ave I felt uncomfortable at networking events. Although I wanted to find new clients, I strongly dislike pushy sales pitches and was in a constant state of internal conflict over what I should be saying. Sometimes I’d even avoid talking about patents with interested parties to not seem like all I cared about was promoting my own services. Ave showed me that my personality is predominately conversational truth guide, which means I feel the most comfortable talking to people in conversational tones and guiding them to the best solutions for their needs. With her support, I stopped comparing myself to a typical high-pressure salesperson and instead focused on getting to know new people and their unique situations and providing beneficial patent information and suggestions that I think would add value. Not only am I seeing results in terms of new clients and referrals, I’m feeling much better about the entire sales process and look forward to attending events and conferences.

Andrew MacMillan

Working with Ave was a great decision for me. Her holistic approach to guiding me to clarify my business’ message and goal was interesting and fulfilling. Her perspective on defining who my target market was and how that plays into marketing was the biggest part of what helped me to continue to move forward confidently in a toughening market. What I learned about marketing by going through her process will stay with me as I grow my business and best if all I have the pride of knowing what I put out there is organic and genuine.

Jo-Anne Bunbury

I was ready to have a coaching session, because I was not sure if I wanted to complete my studies and get my masters degree, or to have my own business or to have a regular job in government or private sector. I believed that if I get some coaching, then I’ll have the answer for myself.
My experience of working with Ave Peetri was that the questions were directly to the point, not about the business, but about my life style, childhood, my personal life. I realized that it’s very important to know all of this before deciding what to do at this point.
I also realized that being balanced in the areas of money and personal life, family, hobbies and my business, is the key to my success. When working with Ave I understood where my strong points and my weaknesses are in my personality. I am more positive and spiritual and I trust myself more to have this experience of having my own business.
The most important thing for me was that I became aware of my values, my priorities in life and I realized that getting a graduate degree is not my goal at this time. When I reflected on the deep questions asked by Ave, I realized that I really want to have my own business. It became clear what Manal’s needs are and they are not always the same as my family’s.
Now, I feel that I am very powerful and that I have talent and I am a very successful woman. My next goal is to be named as the First Business Woman in Oman. I am very professional and I am also very unique and special.
After the sessions with Ave, I am more focused, I have my targets for my business and I am pursuing them with more confidence, peace, encouragement and power.
I am doing very well right now, I can see what I have achieved so far and I am really satisfied with the results.
I really advise all entrepreneurs, all people who are considering to have a coach like Ave, to go for that wonderful experience. It is really important to be clear what you want to have in your life.

Manal AlKhaifi

Before I started working with Ave, I knew I wanted clarity around my business vision and how to present myself in my first website. I had struggled with this project for years. It felt like this was the last blockage to allowing myself to boldly move forward professionally and do the work I feel I was meant to do.
I chose to work with Ave because of her experience in helping entrepreneurs feel confident about their business approach and marketing. I knew Ave personally and trusted her implicitly. Her calm, supportive and completely engaged style complimented her many years of proven expertise. She provided me with effective tools and spot-on advice – as well as phenomenal coaching – to reveal and formulate what I most wanted to convey to my potential clients.
Now I am so happy and relieved to have a website that accurately reflects who I am and what I do. More importantly, the process of creating this with Ave’s help has deepened my self-confidence and allowed me to boldly step forward in other areas of business-building as well. I have gained 8 new coaching clients since I started working with Ave. I could not recommend her more highly to anyone wanting to move their business to the next level, and have fun while doing it.

Dr. Pam Kowalski