I was ready to have a coaching session, because I was not sure if I wanted to complete my studies and get my masters degree, or to have my own business or to have a regular job in government or private sector. I believed that if I get some coaching, then I’ll have the answer for myself.
My experience of working with Ave Peetri was that the questions were directly to the point, not about the business, but about my life style, childhood, my personal life. I realized that it’s very important to know all of this before deciding what to do at this point.
I also realized that being balanced in the areas of money and personal life, family, hobbies and my business, is the key to my success. When working with Ave I understood where my strong points and my weaknesses are in my personality. I am more positive and spiritual and I trust myself more to have this experience of having my own business.
The most important thing for me was that I became aware of my values, my priorities in life and I realized that getting a graduate degree is not my goal at this time. When I reflected on the deep questions asked by Ave, I realized that I really want to have my own business. It became clear what Manal’s needs are and they are not always the same as my family’s.
Now, I feel that I am very powerful and that I have talent and I am a very successful woman. My next goal is to be named as the First Business Woman in Oman. I am very professional and I am also very unique and special.
After the sessions with Ave, I am more focused, I have my targets for my business and I am pursuing them with more confidence, peace, encouragement and power.
I am doing very well right now, I can see what I have achieved so far and I am really satisfied with the results.
I really advise all entrepreneurs, all people who are considering to have a coach like Ave, to go for that wonderful experience. It is really important to be clear what you want to have in your life.