I remember well, when I looked at Ave’s website for the first time – I was fascinated by the kind and warm eyes and friendly and helpful smile. I recognized there and then that I want to trust her and ask her to be my companion on my new journey. Ave takes her full attention to her work and her coaching aligns with my values very well: she is very professional, inspirational, supportive and motivating. Excellent listener who summarizes my thoughts so that the clarity that comes from it is freeing and earth-shattering in a good way. From the beginning, I felt called by Ave’s slogan – ‘Connect your confidence!’. I knew that I have confidence in myself, but after finishing a long term job with lots of responsibility, I was a bit confused. Some ways everything was so unusual and uncomfortable, but I also knew that absolutely everything is possible and new horizons are waiting. I have been able to trust Ave with the worries and doubts of creating my own company and she has encouraged me to celebrate the successes and progress. Thanks to working with Ave, I have understood why I procrastinate and tend to listen to my inner critic. Even though my work results didn’t suffer, I made achieving them more difficult for myself. Ave has taught me to feel the importance of balance, know my values and my worth. I also sense confidence in myself now – not just in my thoughts, actions and words, but with my whole body and being. I think Ave’s coaching can well be summarized by connecting your confidence: she sets you in focus and thanks to that you are able to connect your own confidence.