Ave has a wonderful quiet confidence that supports you but challenges you at the same time. She is very keen to help one see the potential for growth, forward momentum, confidence and ideas springing from my team. Because of her personality she makes a very good coach. We had a few group sessions and she manages the different personalities with professionalism and encouragement. She directed the sessions without being dominating and brought out good discussion.

Before working with Ave I struggled with allowing myself to step back and let others/employees do their job completely. Because it is my company I felt the need to be helping with everything, not because of control but because I felt it was my responsibility. I also struggled with allowing myself to do what I do best at and having the support around me instead of trying to support what others were good at and me filling in.
In working with her I discovered that it was OK not to have to be responsible for everything and let the people who I have on my team take responsibility and initiative. I have hired very capable people and I need to ensure they have the autonomy they need to be the best they can be at what they do. They also want to have that option in their work live and they certainly don’t need my help to be better but need my support and willingness to encourage them in what they do. Ave helped guide me to make decisions about some of the things I could not necessarily see or articulate because I was too close to them.

I think that with Ave’s help it has provided room for each of us in the company to take ownership and talk openly about our objectives. Together we developed our vision and mission statements, worked as a team to bond, and know that we are all in it together.