The Confident Marketing seminar with Ave was an eye opener and quite impactful. The Natural Marketing Style/Personal Persuasion Power grid was revealing and did answer a lot of questions about failed marketing. Ave speaks from a wealth of experience, a genuine and caring heart that truly wants to help others succeed. I found Ave’s pipeline building instructions and guidance extremely valuable. As a result, creating a Marketing pipeline that works for my business has become a reality. Thank you Ave!

Dele Ajele

I met Ave at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast networking meeting. I hadn’t been to a Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting in years and decided to go and grow my network. She was giving a presentation on her business. I was impressed by her successful background, informative presentation and lovely demeanor. She is a confident, professional business women. After the meeting I approached her and ask if we could have coffee to talk about why my current marketing campaign was not working and if she had some suggestions as to how to make it better. She offered me her ideas on how I should market my business and I believed her plan for me was going to work. She coached me over the course of 4 months. In those 4 months, my marketing campaign turnaround 360 degrees and I gained confidence each step of the way. Ave provided good feedback and cheered me on . For those people whose marketing campaign isn’t working, I would recommend they get coaching by Ave.

Laura Pierce, Canada